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  1. Consultation Team
  2. Division of Instructional Design
    • Digital language teaching and learning tools as well as functional and instructional procedures design
    • Digital language teaching and learning strategies and models design
    • Planning and implementation of the service model for digital language teaching and learning
  3. Division of Digital Technology Research and Development
    • Innovative digital technology research and development in teaching and learning
    • Technical integration of digital tools and Internet on-line applications
  4. Division of Information Systems Development
    • Design, R&D and maintenance of the digital learning environment
    • Technical integration of the learning system, multimedia teaching & learning aids, and Internet services
    • Learning community management: providing technical supports and services for teachers and learners
  5. 5 Division of Marketing, Planning and communications
    • Product planning, and marketing resources integration
    • Integration for marketing service activitie
    • Seeking partnership & cooperation across interested enterprises and industries
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